Artilitoon Gala 4th edition Saturday 27 January 2018

The Artilitoon Gala is a gathering of all the arts in one big show. It’s a evening where the work of upcoming talents will be presented in various forms like paintings, fashion, dance acts and music releases. You can come and do a little dance down the locomotion, take a look at the exhibits .. or of course you can just come to support your artist! … Enjoy the evening with music, creative atmosphere and people coming together to share there own vision and learn from each other. Artists United!




Toon-night is a special night that gives artists the opportunity to network with other creatives. Artilitoon is about expanding expression in image and sound. Toon-night gives you an evening filled with music in different genre’s by live performers and musicians. Get inspired while enjoying a drink or snack. Time to hear other artists and come together.

If you’re interested in performing at one of the Toon-nights Your welcome to play a set. just Send a E-Mail at