SonnyBass – EDM Dj / producer

Inspired by many different genres, this Producer/DJ certainly stands out from the crowd. Over the years his style has developed into pop flavored tunes and catchy melodies combined with a wide range of musical influences. Remember the name!

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ad-actie-new-2Ad Brinks – Artist

Ad is a allround artist, graphic – website designer and animator. He commissioned paintings for businesses and individuals. His style is cartoonistic and illustrative. Inspired by punk and popart ad has formed a style by the planes and colors so that subject is evident. And makes it timeless.

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Zena Lye – Choreographer / singer

Zena Lye gives Dance Lessons in Different Styles. Inspired by afro-funk and hiphop she knows how to give her own twist on each choreography. Dancing is one thing, music is the other. At the moment she is preparing her EP release including her last track with sonny bass ‘I can fly’. Zena Lye makes music in different genres like, Nederhop / R&B, Dance and Pop.

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rickRick Robijn – Artist

As a child being creative was an escape from reality and a way to stand out from others. The constructions came with his mother, despite she being in a totally different style, she could always assist in finding the right way and technique to the ideas in his head. Due to circumstances, Rick has had a long time no creativieve spirit, but he has carried and this came to a cooperation with US Madhouse and Lauren rose. Which is inspired to an urban hip style of paintings, streetwear, masks, designs and other arts.

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DanielDaniel Diego – Artist

Musical talent Nathan Daniel Blanchard (alias Daniel Diego) started producing at the age of 17. After two years he found his great love for electro house, future house, progressive house and edm. Thanks to his passion for playing guitar, he developed a strong musical basis by starting to play piano as well. He produced house tracks and remixes which have been played by Benny Rodrigues, DJ Jean and Robert Abigail from the famous Bacardi Mojito Song. Daniel is working on new projects, so stay tuned!

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Jordi Rivera – Dj / producer

Jordi Rivera is a young DJ / producer from the Netherlands, who loves to mix and produce “EDM” music. Follow him on his soundcloud ( for new tracks & his radio show)

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Erik de Ruijter – Singer-Songwriter

Erik de Ruijter is an Amsterdam singer-songwriter.

A musical person who, sings, plays piano, synthesizers, guitar, bass, percussion and writes and performs his own songs. Which he makes in his own studio.
He also teaches singing lessons, guitar lessons and lesson in music production. And close involved in the musical dance school Blijmond in Beverwijk.
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Laura Burlage – Hostes






Roos Heide -Artist







Gewoon Michel Media – vlogger

His name is Michel Roovers born november 24, 1976 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Michel Roovers is a beginning photoartist and  filmmaker who is just following the energyflow that comes to him. Every new day comes with new energy and creativity, right there for him to create a magic image that catches your eye! Follow him on:  Instagram and YouTube  just so you can see it yourself…



The Black Panthers – Dance group

3 beautiful  and such a warm and enjoyable group of talented girls. The group members are, the twins Danisha & Fiona vd Berd And christelle lyengo. They’ve been dancing for more then 5 years now. They met each other at school and since that time they have been unbreakable. Their performances are interactive or on a stage setting. Let yourself get carried away while swinging on African music!

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